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PACEF Ninth Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show Scholarship Benefit

April 26, 2017

On Saturday, MAY 20, 2017 the Pasadena-Altadena Community Endowment Fund will host its 9th Annual Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show, “Hat-ti-tude with Attitude”. Ladies (and privileged gentlemen) will be swanking around and swooning over beautiful ensembles and fabulous chapeaux. Get your tickets now, so you will not be left out! Come wearing a hat like you mean it with “Attitude”. This highly anticipated affair will highlight hats, attitude and fashions by award winning designer Kevan Hall.

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PACEF Hosts Annual Luncheon, Fashion Show May 20


The Pasadena-Altadena Community Endowment Fund will host its 9th Annual Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show, “Hat-ti-tude with Attitude” on Saturday, May 20, to help benefit its scholarship endowment.

Ladies (and privileged gentlemen) will be swanking and swooning over haute couture ensembles and fabulous chapeaux. The highly-anticipated affair encourages guests to “wear a hat like you mean it: With attitude.” The event will highlight fashions by award-winning designer Kevan Hall. Tickets are now available.

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Bringing back the ‘society hat’ in Pasadena

By Patt Diroll, Columnist
POSTED: 05/08/16

“Cock your hat — angles are attitudes,” was Frank Sinatra’s favorite maxim, and now his pithy wisdom has evolved into a new word in the urban dictionary. It’s “hattitude,” which is defined as “wearing a hat that is so awesome that one’s behavior becomes sassy and full of attitude.”

So, what ever happened to hats? It wasn’t too long ago that a lady would not leave the house without one. The hat was always de rigueur — along with hosiery and gloves — at church services and social occasions. Not sure what triggered the coup de grace for the bonnet business? Perhaps it started with the big-hair rage of the ‘60s, when the bouffant and the beehive coif replaced the chic chapeau as a fashion statement.

Anyway, a few years back, the women of the Pasadena-Altadena Community Endowment Fund (PACEF) decided to revive the “society hat” tradition, with their annual scholarship luncheon and fashion show, “Hat-ti-tude.” This event has become so popular that each year the organizers have had to move it to a larger venue. The eighth annual benefit, themed “Hat-ti-tude and Diamonds,” was staged April 16, at the Pasadena Hilton and drew nearly 300 fans, most tricked out in awesome millinery…

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It’s all about the ‘hattitude’

By Patt Diroll
POSTED: 06/03/12

On May 26, members of the Pasadena Altadena Community Endowment Fund (PACEF) staged their fourth annual benefit luncheon, “Hattitude & Scarves,” at Pasadena’s Women’s City Club. “Hattitude,” as defined by the urban dictionary, is “an attitude that comes with wearing certain hats – rare ones, expensive ones and especially ones that show authority.” Scarves slipped into the theme, but this bash was mostly a major millinery marathon…

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