The Pasadena-Altadena Community Endowment Fund (PACEF) is a 501c (3) not for profit organization that was established in 1998 as a charitable foundation to support educational and charitable activities for the benefit of the greater Pasadena community.


2020 “HAT-TI-TUDE goes TO the
derby” is cancelled

Our concern for the well-being of our guests has caused us to take this disappointing action; however we are still committed to building a scholarship endowment fund for deserving African American students. Therefore, we appeal to you to make a donation in support of our endowment while relaxing in the safe environment of your home.

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PACEF - ashana with scholarship winners 2018

2018 Scholarship Recipients from left to right: Nia Cathcart, Alena DeVaughn, Ashana J. Thorman (President, PACEF)


In 1998, The Pasadena Altadena Community Endowment Fund (PACEF) began with the intent of providing a vehicle to receive local grant money and contributions offered to the Pasadena Altadena Chapter of the Links, Inc., a national public service organization of principally African American women. As the PACEF matured, it envisioned an independent and more proactive role in the greater Pasadena Community. Always interested in providing scholarships to under served minority students, the PACEF decided to build the endowment so that the principle would remain intact while the interest would provide funds for ongoing scholarships.