About Us

The Pasadena-Altadena Community Endowment Fund (PACEF)

(PACEF) is a 501c (3) not for profit organization that was established in 1998 as a charitable foundation to support educational and charitable activities for the benefit of the greater Pasadena community.


Our Accomplishments & Goals

  • Started with $2,000 in 2015 and due to greater need – Increased scholarships to $15,000 this year

  • $67,000 in scholarships awarded since 2015!

  • Current balance in Endowment Scholarship Fund is $470,000 of $500,000 goal!

  • New challenge: $1 million by 2030

PACEF Ladies for Website 6-21-2022.jpg

"Mask-que-rading with Hat-ti-tude"

for Scholarships

Masking for your safety & unmasking your giving to support deserving students attain a college education

2022 Scholars

Please meet the outstanding and

dynamic PACEF Scholars for 2022